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AI-zation of the Fleet: Dalmia Logistics Partners with drivebuddyAI Enhancing Driver & Fleet Safety with ADAS

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drivebuddyAI, a pioneering leader in AI-driven solutions for the transportation industry, proudly announces the onboarding of Dalmia Transports & Logistics as its latest client. Operating within the dynamic cement sector in Kanpur, UP, Dalmia Transport has undergone a comprehensive three-month validation process of drivebuddyAIs innovative ADAS technology, culminating in the decision to establish a strategic partnership underpinned by a mutually beneficial five-year engagement contract.

(L) Fleet of Dalmia Logistics & Transport (R) drivebuddyAI ADAS installed on the wind shield of the truck

Mr. Naman Dalmia, the esteemed partner of Dalmia Transport, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the adoption of drivebuddyAIs cutting-edge ADAS product. He articulated his confidence in the platforms ability to revolutionize trucking operations by enhancing driver management and real-time risk aversion measures mainly due to driver fatigue, excessive phone usage, seatbelt non-compliance and overall driver behaviour, thus providing safer transit of goods and fostering a secure ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

“Incorporating drivebuddyAIs Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) into our fleet serves multiple strategic purposes,” stated Mr. Naman Dalmia.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology help reduces fleet’s chances of causing, or being involved in, vehicular accidents. ADAS has advanced safety features such as collision avoidance system, blind spot detectors, driver drowsiness detection, which benefit both commercial and private vehicles and is revolutionizing fleet management in the process. In addition, ADAS works with video-telematics to monitor drivers’ behaviour when on the road. AI Dashcams provide drivers with real-time audio warnings while segmenting and tagging recorded incidents, allowing us to monitor fleet from the cloud management portal.

“We can easily identify new or risky driving behaviours. We can use the data to coach our drivers and help them improve. AI data equips our drivers with the skills to undo bad habits while mitigating future consequences. Data can also be leveraged to execute e-training modules, which can be shared with the drivers to help them develop good skills and increased confidence on the road.” added Naman while explaining the need to equip the fleet with ADAS & Surveillance cameras.

“We believe that we have the recipe to optimize fleet operations while improving the behaviour of the drivers over the period of time consistently with AI assistance, pro-active fleet monitoring & coaching drivers to help them overcome their limitations and leverage technology at its maximum level to reduce accidents and hence improve the TAT resulting efficiency for a fleet is the real ROI in logistics operations,” said Nisarg Pandya while interacting the usefulness of ADAS.

Dalmia Group since incepted in 1987 by Mr. Anil Dalmia – Mr. Naman’s father has seen exponential growth working with prestigious groups like Aditya Birla group and brands like Hindalco, Ultratech Cement. Later joined by Mr. Naman who’s an IT graduate and enthusiast ventured into the business in 2017. He believes that in the last ten years technology has played an important role in streamlining fleet operation with the adoption of advance GPS Tacking which helps in monitoring harsh breaking, sharp turns, over speeding, geofencing, route planning, tyre pressure monitoring, load monitoring, fuel utilization and theft detection. With the integration of ADAS in the vehicles it has enhanced passenger, pedestrian, and driver safety and make driving more convenient.

Both Naman & Nisarg firmly believes that with the right implementation of ADAS in the trucking industry can reduce driver fatigue by 80% & improve overall behaviour or risk reduction by 73%, improves TAT by 25-30% and reduces operating losses by 25% makes the implementation of ADAS & Surveillance cameras for the fleet more viable financially.

“My experience and interest in information technology helped me in transforming end to end material handling and logistics operation to a fully digitized process. My initiatives has earned me accolades and appreciation from the industry experts. My fleets are fully equipped with advanced GPS tracking, fuel monitoring, tyre pressure monitoring, Tyre RFID Tracking, Load monitoring, ADAS and DMS. Our control tower which operates 24 x 7 x 365 monitors the movement of each and every vehicle providing on road support to the vehicles and delivery update to the customer,” said Mr. Naman Dalmia describing his enthusiasm about technology implementation in fleets.

“Dalmia Logistics specifically operate in building and construction domain providing primary and secondary transportation and handling services to Ultratech Cement Limited. On an average we handle and transport more than 65,000 Metric Tonnes of material per month. Integrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and surveillance technologies into fleet vehicles can indeed provide several advantages that may help a logistics company gain a competitive edge. It can position your logistics company as an industry leader, offering superior safety, efficiency, and reliability compared to competitors who may not have invested in these advanced capabilities. Remember, successful implementation requires proper training, maintenance, and data analysis. Leapfrogging the competition involves not just adopting technology but leveraging it effectively!” said Naman Dalmia in response to how ADAS can help the fleet leapfrog the competition.

“We have undergone a comprehensive three-month validation process of drivebuddyAIs innovative ADAS technology. We chose drivebuddyAI for its unparalleled expertise in AI-driven solutions for the transportation industry. The comprehensive suite of products offered by drivebuddyAI, including its advanced ADAS and driver management capabilities, stood out as a perfect fit for our evolving needs. drivebuddyAIs team make sure that the solution is installed and implemented in way it can provide the best results. With the help of video telematic and data, the team provides training and feedback to the drivers and create e-training modules, which can be shared with the drivers to help them develop good skills and increased confidence on the road,” said Naman while sharing his reason to choose drivebuddyAI for the ADAS requirements.

“We are excited for this partnership. India is evolving in safety aspects everywhere with consideration of Euro NCAP rating for buying a car to investing in AI products to ensure safety & operations optimization and leveraging data to coach drivers and take data driven decision to run logistics operations shows the maturity in the market and young enthusiasts like Naman Dalmia are taking the industry on the heights of leveraging technology & AI. We are happy to extend our services in Kanpur & nearby regions of UP & MP with Dalmia Logistics ensuring safety, driver behaviour improvement via ADAS & coaching.”

About drivebuddyAI
drivebuddyAI HQ in Ahmedabad & office in Delhi is a leading provider of AI-driven ADAS products for the commercial transportation industry. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, drivebuddyAI empowers transportation companies to optimize operations, enhance safety, and drive sustainable growth. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, drivebuddyAI is shaping the future of transportation. drivebuddyAI is one of the leading ADAS providers in India serving to customers in e-commerce, chemical Hazmat Transport, Employee Transportation etc across India. drivebuddyAI’s ADAS products are of indigenous innovation with their own designed hardware & AI learnt from India’s data to serve for Indian ecosystem and for that have been awarded with many patents as well. drivebuddyAI is a group companies of Roadzen Inc (Nasdaq: rdzn), a leading insurtech company focused on AI for Insurance products and services delivering backbone for insurers to leverage AI & Computer Vision.

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