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Case Study on How Tarot Guidance Unearthed the Hidden Truth and Saved the Client from Betrayal in a Relationship

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Brief: Astrochakra takes pride in its 300+ pool of talented astrologers specializing in diverse backgrounds and committed to providing solution-focused services. This case study is a perfect example that demonstrates how the astrologers empanelled with this fast-growing online astrology platform have been dedicated to providing personalized guidance to their clients and helping them in finding practical solutions to their problems in various walks of life.

Problem: A client named Mr. ABC consulted one of our highly experienced Tarot Reader and Astrologer for understanding the reasons behind uncertainties and volatilities in his love life. He informed that he was deeply in love with his girlfriend who was pursuing her studies in Medical Science and he was himself an Engineer by profession. According to him, they were in a committed relationship for over 3 years, but then most of the time it was a long-distance relationship and they were unable to have a face-to-face meeting on a personal level. He said that the girl was living along with her parents in a different state and the place where he stayed was in some other location. He always kept hearing from the girl over telephonic calls that her parents were against their relationship and were not approving of their marriage. The girl kept updating that her parents kept looking for suitable proposals for the girl, but she kept declining them. But, according to him the girl kept showing varying responses during their interactions and her behavior used to put him in doubt regarding her actual intentions. With this uncertainty in mind, Mr. ABC felt it appropriate to consult a Tarot Reader and Astrologer from Astrochakra.

The Process: Astrochakra’s astrologers are highly experienced in providing effective and practical resolutions to their clients related with relationship issues, career struggles, financial problems, and the list could be endless. After listening to the client’s worries patiently and asking a certain set of meaningful and relevant questions from the client to understand the root cause of the issue, the tarot reader unveiled certain eye-opening insights to him regarding their relationship. The astrologer cautioned the client in every counseling session that the girl was actually hiding some crucial information from him and that he was being kept in the dark. But, the client at that point in time was in communication with the girl and said that he was confident that their love was soulful and they both would address any challenge in their way to come together. However, pretty sure about the destined end, the astrologer during the sessions prepared the client for that tower moment in the relationship and made him mentally and emotionally strong enough to cope with a break-up.

Outcome: One fine day, the client apprised the astrologer that the predictions were 100% accurate and he learned from some third source that the girl had actually married to some other guy and was also a mother of a 6-month-old baby. The client was in a deep state of shock and could not believe that the lady of his life could deceive him so conveniently and was playing with his emotions. Mr. ABC thanked the astrologer for showing the correct path to him and letting him know the right course of action that was expected of him. He was also recommended for energy healings by our expert healers to cope with this break up and to move on with life with a fresh zeal and perspective. Mr. ABC is now leading a happy and successful married and professional life by giving life a second chance.  

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