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“From Village Roots to Global Heights: The Inspiring Journey of Deepesh Raj, Founder of Shine Well Digital Solutions”

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Renowned digital marketing expert, Mr. Deepesh Raj, is the Founder and CEO of Shine Well Digital Solutions, India’s Leading Digital Marketing agency, serving 150+ brands, PAN India & abroad.

Born in Samastipur, a small village in Bihar, Raj’s journey is an inspiring tale of determination, hard work & the never-give-up spirit.

Coming from a middle class family, nobody ever imagined that Deepesh’s remarkable journey and idealistic vision would revolutionize the digital marketing industry in India.

Like any other Indian family, his parents were completely against business & they wanted him to choose the conventional path. But, being a hardworking boy, he cracked the prestigious NDA & SSC exams, qualified UGC NET in CSE and got into a very comfortable Govt. Job with a good salary.

But, as it is rightly said, you cannot contain the storm for more than a moment. Mr. Deepesh quit his job, believed in himself and without any financial support, went on to fulfill his dreams. As if the idea of not utilizing his key-skills, seemed scary.

He has always been a passionate Digital Marketer, who is excited with the idea of driving huge profits for his clients.

Initially, he did digital marketing for a few companies in Patna, Bihar and within a year, scaled one business to become a millionaire. This gave him a boost and he decided to establish his own venture.

Mr. Raj is not only a Google certified digital marketing expert but also a certified ethical hacker and knows 13+ programming languages. He is currently pursuing a PHD in Cyber Securities and is a career counsellor to hundreds of learners. He has graced numerous MBA Colleges as a guest lecturer, inspiring young entrepreneurs.

His journey is a testament to the power of passion, hardwork and perseverance.

And, with a vision to support small businesses and start-ups, with affordable yet premium digital marketing services, Shine Well quickly gained momentum, expanding its reach from Patna to PAN India and beyond. Today, with over 150 clients globally, including top tech startups Shine Well has solidified its position as India’s leading digital marketing agency.

Mr. Deepesh along with his expert team has now stepped into revolutionizing the web-hosting industry with the launch of HostinGlow, India’s best and most affordable hosting service provider with 24X7 expert support. HostinGlow is established with the vision to support small businesses & Indian startups. With its data centres located in India, HostinGlow also ensures data security for Indian companies. It is a made in India, Made for Indians, product.

And, noticing the current unemployment rate in India, the expert team at Shine Well, has also developed a one of its kind job platform named Direct Jobs, which is all set to rule the job market in just a few months. Direct Jobs is a completely free job platform, i.e. they do not charge any fee from either employer or the candidates. 

Shine Well believes in making a positive impact, both in business and the society. The company’s work culture supports both freshers and women in the workplace.

With over 70% of its team comprising women, Shine Well has been recognized and awarded for its efforts in creating equal opportunities for all.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were struggling to meet basic needs, Shine Well’s team proved its commitment to social responsibility by providing free digital marketing services to their clients. Because it is a client-first company & they treat monetary benefits as secondary.

The company never prioritizes money, instead it prioritizes it’s clients growth.

Mr. Deepesh is not just a boss, he is an ideal leader who takes everybody together. He ensures growth and fosters learning for all the team members, treating them like family. The work culture at Shine Well is heavenly, with people wanting to work under his leadership. This culture of inclusivity and support is the main reason behind Shine Well’s success.

As it is rightly said that good leadership is about empowering others to achieve greatness. At Shine Well, Mr. Raj’s vision is to create a dream workplace for employees, where they feel valued, supported, and inspired to excel.

The company, because of it’s excellent work culture, visionary leadership and revolutionary ideas is all set to become the next Indian unicorn.

Shine Well Digital Solutions, continues to achieve milestones in the world of digital marketing, not only in India but also in UK, Qatar, Dubai, Nigeria, South Africa & more.

Rather than working for big established businesses, they believe in creating bigger brands out of small businesses.This shows the expertise and confidence that is vested in the team at Shine Well Digital Solutions.

You can viisit their website at to learn more about this incredible company and see how they’re changing the world. You can also reach them directly at 926

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