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Dr Annurag Batra Chairman BW is Being Elected as a Member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

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Dr Annurag Batra is respected and revered in the media and television industry through his contribution of setting up exchange4media and institutionalising exchange4media and creating a new and pioneering platform for media, television and related domains in digital and building a pioneering & impact making organisation in a 360 degree.

Dr Annurag Batra

Dr Annurag Batra has serendipitously created a new sector and an industry which is respected and emulated by all others in the domain.

Info About Dr Annurag Batra

Dr Annurag Batra is a Serial Entrepreneur, an Author, an Angel Investor, a TV show host, a nationalist and a full-time dreamer who believes anything you Believe in deeply manifests itself in reality. Dr Batra is the Founder and Editor in Chief of exchange4media group (www.exchange4media), managing several big media brands that he has created from scratch under its aegis. Dr Batra is the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of BW Businessworld Media Group ( which is in its 44th year and amongst the topmost respected business media platforms which are 360 degree and media neutral. Dr Batra has been busy pivoting and turning around BW Businessworld a company he acquired in late 2013 and in the last 9 plus years BW Businessworld has pivoted to becoming a content tech media conglomerate and is making an impact in India with its futuristic approach. Dr Batra I also served as a Member of the Board of Governors of the prestigious Management Development Institute, Gurgaon ( his own Alma Matter and Dr Batra is the first PGPM (MDI s flagship program) graduate from MDI Gurgaon to be on its Board of Governors for last 3 years and half years from 12th Jan 2020 to June 2023. Dr Batra believes what Confucius said, “If you make your hobby your profession you dont have to work.” DrBatra believes deeply in spirituality, Indian Vedas and the power of ideas and dreams to achieve anything we believe we can. Dr Batra is a die-hard optimist and believes sharing creates happiness.

Dr Annurag Batra has a unique position in the Indian media industry. While he is a media mogul in his own right having founded the exchange4media group 24 plus years back which is the homepage of everyone in the media industry as well as Dr Batra acquired BW Businessworld group 9 years back and has grown it multi-folds as a 360-degree media platform.

As the founder of exchange4media group over the last 24 years plus, Dr Batra has interacted deeply with leading media owners, editors, journalists and new age media professionals. Dr Batra in the course of building,, Impact and Pitch and the 75 plus experiential large scale IP s of exchange4media, Dr Batra is in touch with the depth and width of the media industry across India. Dr Batra has written extensively on media and is an accepted authority on media, television and new media. With his book out likely in 2025 and titled “Media Moguls of India”. Dr Batra truly brings the network effect to play through his deep personal relationships. Dr Batra has a deep and personal approach to all issues and understands one has to do the right thing in the right manner for the right reason for the right impact. With his being on the ground in his dual roles as exchange4media and BW Businessworld Dr Batra understands what media wants and how media works. Dr Batra believes in the three C’s for media impact, Content, Connect and Context.

Dr Annurag Batra is also setting up his initiatives in UAE and MENA and you will see the media companies and media tech companies that have been mentored and invested by him also entering UAE and MENA.

Dr Annurag Batra has also angel invested in many futuristic media tech startups which are impacting the Indian digital media and media tech.

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