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Indian Government Approves Patent Designed by Dr Kiran Rebello for Innovative Drug-Eluting Nanofiber Mesh 

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The Government of India has officially approved the patent for an advanced drug-eluting nanofiber mesh designed by Dr. Kiran Prabhakar Rebello, a renowned general surgeon and author. This innovative medical device promises to revolutionise wound care, offering new hope for patients suffering from chronic ulcers and other hard-to-heal wounds.

The drug-eluting nanofiber mesh represents a significant breakthrough in the field of wound healing. Fabricated through a sophisticated electrospinning process, the mesh mimics the natural structure and function of the extracellular matrix. This design fosters an optimal environment for tissue regeneration by providing robust support for cell infiltration and proliferation. 

The controlled release of growth factors and antibiotics from the mesh promotes steady healing and effectively combats infections, offering a dual-action mechanism that significantly surpasses traditional wound healing methods.

“Traditional wound healing techniques often fall short when dealing with chronic ulcers and other complex wounds,” explains Dr. Kiran Rebello, MBBS, MS General Surgeon, and FAIS. “Our drug-eluting nanofiber mesh not only supports tissue growth but also actively fights infection, promoting faster and more efficient healing.”

The mesh’s lightweight and flexible design allows it to conform to various wound shapes, ensuring patient comfort while providing strong support for tissue growth. Engineered from biocompatible materials, the mesh gradually degrades within the body, eliminating the need for removal and ensuring safety. Advanced electrospinning techniques used in its fabrication allow customization of the fibre properties to match specific wound requirements, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness.

One of the key features of this medical mesh is its drug-eluting capability. By incorporating Metrogyl, a potent antibiotic agent, the mesh continuously releases the drug directly at the wound site. This targeted delivery mechanism ensures continuous antimicrobial activity, effectively eradicating pathogens and creating a sterile environment conducive to healing. This approach maximises therapeutic efficacy while minimising systemic side effects, offering a safer and more efficient method of antibiotic therapy.

“The incorporation of Metrogyl into the nanofiber mesh is a game-changer,” says Dr. Rebello. “It not only accelerates tissue integration but also significantly reduces the risk of infection, which is a common complication in wound healing.”

Addressing a gathering of girls and their mothers, Dr. Rebello emphasised the significance of regular cancer screenings and maintaining hygiene during menstruation to prevent uterine cancer. She provided valuable insights into self-examination techniques for early detection of breast cancer and highlighted the increased risk for women over the age of 40.

“Awareness and education are critical in the fight against cancer,” Dr. Rebello stated. “By informing women and girls about these serious health issues, we can help them take proactive steps to protect their health.”

Recently two books of Dr. Rebello got published- Everlasting Magical Echoes and Handbook for Paramedical Students. Handbook for Paramedical Students is published on an international platform and is available worldwide. Also, this handbook proved to be highly beneficial for the paramedical students. Moreover, many of her research article published in international journal

Dr. Kiran Rebello’s innovative work in medical technology and her dedication to community health education exemplify her commitment to improving patient care and advancing public health. The approval of the patent for the drug-eluting nanofiber mesh marks a significant milestone in her career and holds great promise for the future of wound healing.

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