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Elan Foundation Pledges to Cultivate more than 25,000 Plants and Trees on World Environment Day

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In a significant step towards environmental sustainability, Elan Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Elan Group, has pledged to cultivate more than 25,000 plants and trees in Gurugram on the occasion of World Environment Day. This initiative aims to contribute to the reforestation of the city and promote ecological balance.

Elan Foundation Pledges to Cultivate more than 25,000 Plants and Trees on World Environment Day

A diverse selection of plants and trees is being planted at various locations across Gurugram. The entire plantation drive is set to be completed within the month of June 2024, demonstrating Elan Foundations commitment to efficient environmental action. This initiative aligns perfectly with the theme of World Environment Day 2024: ‘Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience‘, underscoring the importance of combating land degradation and promoting sustainable land management practices.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Akash Kapoor, Director, Elan Group said, “With our ambitious pledge to cultivate more than 25,000 plants and trees on World Environment Day, we are embodying the ethos of responsibility and action. Each sapling planted represents a promise to nurture, protect, and sustain our precious environment. Our effort to strengthen green cover underscores our unwavering dedication to mitigate environmental impact.”

Elan Foundation has a history of undertaking similar environmental initiatives, reinforcing its dedication to ecological conservation and community well-being. The post-plantation care of the plants and trees will be meticulously managed by the Elan Foundation to ensure their healthy growth and sustainability.

About Elan Foundation

The Elan Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Elan Group, was founded in 2019 with the aim of improving the lives of the working class from marginalized backgrounds by addressing issues of poverty and enhancing access to basic necessities. Through continuous initiatives and endowments, the foundation endeavors to uplift the underprivileged, particularly blue-collar workers, and create a world where food and essential amenities are not causes for despair. With a focus on bridging gaps in rural infrastructure, promoting environmental sustainability, and providing healthcare and rehabilitation support, The Elan Foundation is dedicated to fostering holistic socio-economic development.

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