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Emotional Harmony Coach Shalaka Tambe Turns Author with Book ‘Birth of a Mother: Re-Birth of a Woman’

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Life coach Shalaka Tambe penned her first book ‘Birth of a Mother: Re-Birth of a Woman‘. It was launched by Chief Guest Sheetal Pavar, Executive Editor of the Sakal Media Group at the Grand Chambers Hall, The Orchid Hotel, Pune. launched the book at a well-attended glittering event.

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of a birth of a Mother

Tambe’s book redefines the narrative of motherhood, guiding women through the emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of this nine-month-long transformative experience. With a focus on compassion, care, and confidence, the book offers practical tools and insights to empower women on their journey to motherhood.

Shalaka Tambe

The day the baby is born, a mother is born, and a woman is reborn. The birth of a baby and the birth of a mother are two parallel events that are entwined with each other. We need to acknowledge this consciously. The purpose of this book is to focus on this life-changing event and understand what needs to be done consciously to ensure a womans smooth emotional, mental, and spiritual evolution into a mother,” said Shalaka.

New mothers are often not prepared for the way their minds and bodies will change through the nine-month pregnancy. This book enables them to be conscious of every little change physically and emotionally. It teaches them to embrace the journey as they step over the threshold of being reborn as women on the birth of a child with positivity. I am delighted to inaugurate this book with Shalaka’s precious insights that will guide women through their transformative journey into motherhood,” said Sheetal Pawar.

“The Baby is born from the Physical womb of a Woman, And the Mother is Born from the Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Womb of the Woman,” – Shalaka Tambe.

This Book guides Women in getting ready for this parallel Journey with Compassion, Care, and Confidence, From when the thought of becoming a Mother first comes to their mind to the day the Mother is born with the baby and further into the Early days of Motherhood. It helps Women define What is Becoming A Mother for a Womanand presents a structured and proactive approach to the Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual transformation. The book also provides key insights for the fathers-to-be and the immediate family and close friends, as they, too, need to provide the right support in this journey.

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