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European Cheese ‘Full Of Character’ Campaign Grows Stronger, Enters Its Second Year

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The French Dairy Board (CNIEL), with aid from the European Union, representing an exquisite variety of authentic French cheese, is back with year two of its Full of Character campaign in India. The campaign aims in 2024 to continue celebrating the rich heritage, exceptional quality, and irresistible flavours of French cheeses.

In 2023, Full of Character was a delightful adventure that captivated the hearts and palates of cheese lovers across India. The immersive events and experiences such as in-store promotions, culinary workshops led by best awarded cheesemonger Franois Robin were well-received. This good response has motivated the forum to continue the delicious journey of European cheeses. And cheese lovers across the country can gear up for more such exciting events and engagement opportunities in this second year.

The French Dairy Board will be organising workshops, tastings, and masterclasses led by cheese experts and popular chefs, to help deepen the understanding and appreciation for cheese varieties. Expect wider reach via collaborations with retailers. All these events and experiences showcase the use of cheese from France in traditional Indian and contemporary dishes.

Sustainability and responsible production are key for the Full of Character campaign. The French Dairy Board is committed to animal welfare and environmental stewardship. It is also committed to partnering with trusted farmers and cheesemakers who uphold the values of authenticity and respect for the environment.

Emilie Martin, Managing Director APAC at CNIEL, says, “We are grateful for the response we received in the first year of Full of Character and are excited to continue sharing our love for exceptional quality cheeses from France with more and more cheese enthusiasts and lovers in India. Full of Character is not only a tribute to the flavours and quality of European cheese varieties but also to the art of cheesemaking. Were also focused on raising more awareness about the significance of supporting sustainable and responsible cheese production.

Lastly, the second year of Full of Character is getting even tastier by encouraging cheese lovers on social media to share their love for European cheeses using #EnjoyitsfromEurope #FullofCharacter on Facebook and Instagram. Think mouthwatering recipes, experiences, and more!

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