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Glamour and Talent Take Center Stage: Malkapur City’s First Fashion Pageant Show and Kids Ramp Walk

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First Fashion Pageant Show and Kids Ramp Walk : Malkapur City is set to witness a dazzling display of fashion and talent like never before as it gears up for its inaugural fashion pageant show and kids ramp walk. The show, organized and directed by the multi-talented Pravin Lad, promises to be a spectacle that will captivate audiences and participants alike. Pravin Lad, known for his prowess as an actor, director, lyricyst, composer and the founder of Arvind Entertainment, brings his creative vision to life in this grand event.

First Fashion Pageant Show and Kids Ramp Walk Malkapur City

The event aims to celebrate fashion, beauty, and talent, providing a platform for individuals to showcase their unique styles and skills. Participants of the show are in for a treat as they will not only have the opportunity to strut their stuff on the ramp but will also be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Each participant will receive a certificate, trophy, sash, and models will be adorned with title sashes. The female participants will have the added honor of receiving a crown, adding a touch of regality to their experience.

What sets this event apart is the exciting opportunity it offers to the winners from each category. The champions will have the chance to feature in an official album song that will be televised on a prominent TV channel, giving them a platform to showcase their talent to a wider audience. This unique opportunity adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation for the participants to give their best on the stage.

The venue for this glamorous event is none other than the prestigious Hotel Sarathi International, setting the perfect backdrop for a night of glitz and glamour. The event is scheduled to take place on the 8th of May 2024, promising an evening filled with fashion, talent, and entertainment.

The success of an event of this scale would not be possible without the support of its sponsors and partners. The event is powered by the esteemed Godavari Foundation, known for its commitment to promoting education and talent. The education partner for the event is Bharat Bharati Convent, emphasizing the importance of nurturing young talent and providing them with a platform to shine.

Gifting Partner Pari Gift & Decoration, Makeup Partner Sonal Grooming, and Life Security Partner LIC-Jwalasing Sonone add their unique touch to the event, ensuring that every aspect is taken care of with precision and care. Media Partner Sejal News Network will ensure that the event receives the coverage it deserves, reaching audiences far and wide. Hospitality Partner Nimbai Supplier & Construction, Jayhindavi Nidhi Urban Ltd, Rajarshi Shahu Multistate, and SK Square Enterprises will ensure that all guests and participants are treated to a memorable and comfortable experience.

As Malkapur City prepares to host its first fashion pageant show and kids ramp walk, the excitement is palpable in the air. With the stage set, the participants ready, and the sponsors on board, all eyes are on Pravin Lad and his team to deliver a show that will be remembered for years to come. This event promises to be a celebration of talent, creativity, and glamour, showcasing the best that Malkapur City has to offer in the world of fashion and entertainment.

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First Fashion Pageant Show

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