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Indian Entrepreneurs Welcome Opportunity to Establish Branches in Australia and Canada

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Indian businesses are on the verge of a groundbreaking opportunity as they can now extend their operations to Australia and Canada, thanks to favorable immigration policies and lucrative business prospects. This development comes as a boon for entrepreneurs, offering them a gateway to explore international markets and harness the benefits of global expansion.

With India’s burgeoning ties on the international front, the recent signing of a Free Trade Agreement between India and Australia has paved the way for enhanced bilateral trade relations. Under this agreement, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and skilled workers are provided with streamlined pathways to relocate to Australia, fostering cross-border business collaborations.

Likewise, establishing an extension office in Canada opens doors to a multitude of opportunities for Indian businesses and their workforce. Through the intra-company transfer scheme, businesses can seamlessly migrate to Canada, capitalizing on its thriving economy and diverse market landscape.

Indian entrepreneurs venturing into the Australian and Canadian markets can capitalize on numerous advantages. Firstly, they have the opportunity to invest in commercial and residential properties, thereby diversifying their portfolio and establishing a robust presence in the local market. Additionally, the flexibility to invest in and operate various franchise businesses presents a promising avenue for growth, leveraging established brands and proven business models. Moreover, the option to acquire existing businesses offers a strategic advantage, enabling entrepreneurs to tap into established customer bases and operational infrastructure, facilitating a smoother entry into these lucrative markets.

Moreover, these visa options offer a pathway to permanent residency and eventual citizenship, presenting a compelling proposition for Indian entrepreneurs seeking long-term stability and growth prospects abroad.

Visa Answer (VisAnswer), a trusted name in the immigration industry, stands ready to assist Indian businesses in their expansion endeavors. With over 15 years of experience, VisAnswer is a registered migration agency in Australia (License Number: 0962183) and a regulated Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC: R731523).

“Our team of highly trained migration consultants and lawyers is committed to providing accurate immigration advice and exceptional service,” remarked CEO at Visa Answer. “With our expertise, Indian entrepreneurs can navigate the complexities of international expansion with confidence.”

In addition to immigration services, Visa Answer holds a real estate license in Australia, facilitating seamless property transactions for clients. The company’s consultants are duly registered with regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance and upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

For Indian businesses ready to embark on a journey of global expansion, Visa Answer offers a comprehensive suite of services, including company incorporation, bank account setup, and family relocation assistance. With minimal investment requirements and flexible visa options, the possibilities for growth are limitless.

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About Visa Answer: Visa Answer is a leading immigration consultancy with a legacy of excellence spanning over a decade. Specialising in Australian and Canadian immigration, Visa Answer offers tailored solutions to individuals and businesses seeking to relocate and prosper in foreign lands. Committed to integrity, professionalism, and client satisfaction, Visa Answer is your trusted partner in the journey towards a brighter future.

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