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Navanaami Unveils its Magnum Opus – Megaleio: Hyderabad’s Newest Landmark and the Destination for Luxury Living

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Spread over 4.1 acres, Megaleio will be in the lap of the nature, surrounded by a 1200-acre of greenery and amidst protected waterbodies Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar.

Megaleio enjoys the most unique location in Appa Junction Peerancheru, with just 20 minutes away from the RG International Airport and 15 minutes from Financial District.

With 50 floors and 150 opulent exquisite residences, Megaleio’s iconic towers will be visible from the airport, making the architectural marvel a modern-day landmark.

With sustainability at its core, the RERA approved project boasts of stunning design with double-height ceilings, conscious faade, expansive interiors, and IGBC certified, LEED-designed residences.

The city of Pearls is about to have its new crowning jewel. Navanaami Projects Private Ltd., the leading real estate developer from Hyderabad, unveiled its architectural magnum opus – The Megaleio – in the city, today. Planned as a luxurious residential project, Megaleio is envisioned to be Navanaami’s flagship showcase of thoughtful design thinking and a testimony of its relentless pursuit for quality, innovative designs, and true luxury architecture.

Navanaami unveils its Magnum Opus – Megaleio

Navanaami’s Megaleio was unveiled at a star-studded gala event by Mr. Naveen Gadde, Founder & Managing Director, Navanaami in the presence of Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Principal architect, DesignHaaus and internationally renowned consultants from Tierra Design, ARUP Optimisation consultants along with other directors and guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Naveen Gadde, Founder & Managing Director, Navanaami, said, “Thelaunch of Megaleio is a dream come true for all of us. At Navanaami, it is our commitment to push the boundaries of design and innovation. Megaleio represents a harmonious convergence of design, sustainability, and uncompromising luxury. As we work towards making our dream a tangible reality, we are proud to share that Megaleio will stand as a celebration of Hyderabads rich heritage and a bold statement of its aspirations for the future. We invite the world to experience a new paradigm of living, where the boundaries of imagination are pushed, and every moment is a celebration of the extraordinary.

With just 20 minutes away from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and 15 minutes from Financial District, Megaleio enjoys the most unique location in Appa Junction Peerancheru and is well connected to major roads like Nehru Outer Ring Road and NH 163. Spread over 4.1 acres, Megaleio will be surrounded by a 1200-acre of greenery and in the vicinity of protected waterbodies Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar, promising the future residents a natural ambience.

A dream project for the organization, Megaleio has been conceptualized as an architectural marvel for Hyderabad. Megaleio’s towering presence in the region is characterized by two iconic towers, comprising a total of 50 floors and 150 opulent exquisite residences. The twin towers establish Megaleio as an awe-inspiring landmark for the city.

The RERA-approved project boasts of a stunning design with double-height ceilings, a conscious faade, and an expansive interior that creates a remarkable ambiance. The 150 meticulously crafted residences, each a canvas of opulence and sophistication, is divided in three units: Skyline tower units with an area of 11,111sq.ft; Unity tower units with an area of 9999 sq.ft and 8888 sq.ft.

Further to being at the heart of nature, Navanaami’s Megaleio will have sustainability built-in right at the centre of the project. Crafted in collaboration with a constellation of world-renowned architectural design and engineering firms, including DesignHaaus, Tierra, Arup and Optimisation Consultants Megaleio epitomizes the harmonious fusion of architectural ingenuity and sustainable living. From its double-height ceilings and conscious faade to its IGBC certified and LEED-designed residences, every aspect of Megaleio will be meticulously curated to minimize its environmental footprint while maximizing luxury and comfort.

Catering to an audience of high-net-worth individuals, Megaleio has unparalleled amenities and facilities elevate the concept of ultra-luxury living to new heights. Residents will revel in branded kitchens, state-of-the-art home automation systems, noise-controlled windows, opulent bathrooms, and sustainable features that seamlessly blend eco-consciousness with sophistication. Private garages with EV charging capabilities, soaring 9-foot doorways, and internationally sourced flooring materials further amplify the exclusive allure of Megaleio.

With the iconic landmark that it promises to be, Megaleio has already captured the imagination of discerning buyers.

About Navanaami

Navanaami Projects Private Ltd, a pioneering force in Hyderabads real estate, epitomizes innovation, sustainability, and luxury. Founded in 2005 by Mr. Naveen Gadde, it stands as a beacon of excellence, redefining the cityscape. Navanaami blends functionality with aesthetics, crafting eco-friendly spaces. Collaborating with national and international experts, it delivers unparalleled value to clients. As a member of CREDAI, Navanaami contributes to industry development. From humble origins to a team of 100+ experts, Navanaami embodies integrity, transparency, and quality, shaping a future of elite living.

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