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Nyun AI Launches Nyun Zero to Revolutionize AI Model Efficiency

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In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at an unprecedented rate, the cost and resource demand for developing and deploying highly sophisticated AI models remain a significant barrier. Addressing this challenge, Nyun AI, a pioneering tech startup founded in 2022, backed by TEXMiN IIT(ISM) and Tenity Singapore,has introduced Nyun Zero-a state-of-the-art web app and SDK designed to streamline the development of deep learning models while dramatically reducing associated costs and latencies.

A Seamless Integration for Enhanced Model Efficiency
Nyun Zero is engineered to connect effortlessly with a user’s existing infrastructure, whether it be AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or local systems, thus prioritizing data privacy. This innovative tool harnesses advanced scientific algorithms like network pruning, quantization, distillation, and low-rank approximations. These technologies are renowned for their ability to compress deep models-from traditional CNNs to the latest large language models (LLMs)-reducing compute requirements by up to 90%. This not only leads to significant cost savings due to decreased hardware needs but also ensures faster and more efficient task-specific models.

The Technology Behind Nyun Zero
The platform supports a vast array of models readily available on hubs like Hugging Face and GitHub, thanks to its compatibility with various model architectures. Nyun Zero incorporates several in-house and academically derived methods for efficient training and compression of models. Training methods like LoRA, SSF, GLoRA, and QLoRA, alongside compression techniques such as pruning and quantization, are part of the robust toolkit Nyun Zero offers. This toolkit allows models to be directly exported and optimized for the hardware of choice, be it GPUs, edge devices, or CPUs.

Addressing Core Industry Challenges
Prakhar Joshi, the CEO of Nyun AI, highlights the timely intervention of Nyun Zero in the market, “While generative AI continues to fascinate and expand, its practical applications have been hindered by hallucinations, high operational costs and significant latencies. Nyun Zero is crafted to mitigate these issues effectively, enabling fine-tuning of large models on industry-specific data which preserves model intelligence and reduces operational inefficiencies.”

This tool is particularly beneficial for organizations struggling with the deployment of AI models due to the high costs of computation and the latency in model training and inference phases. By enabling data-aware model compression, Nyun Zero ensures that AI implementations are not only feasible but also economically and operationally efficient.

Practical Benefits and Industry Application
Nyun Zero’s benefits extend beyond just cost and time savings. It empowers data science and machine learning teams to deploy models that are not only efficient but also robust and scalable. By reducing the model size and computation needs, teams can deploy AI solutions on a wider range of hardware, including edge devices, enhancing the model’s applicability and accessibility.

Infographic showcases a timeline comparison between Nyun Zero’s and Conventional approach for end-to-end training and deployment cycle of AI models

CTO Arnav Chavan emphasizes the practicality of Nyun Zero, stating, “The AI landscape is rapidly evolving with continual research on enhancing speed and efficiency. At Nyun AI, we synthesize the latest compression techniques and integrate proven methods rapidly after publication. This allows our users to focus more on implementing and scaling their AI solutions, rather than navigating through the complexity of optimization research.”

Nyun Zero hosts three applications Adapt, Kompress and Track

Launch Details
Available now, Nyun Zero offers free access to the first few design partners for six months, with subsequent users encouraged to contact the sales team.

To sign up for a design partner fill out this form.

Engaging with Nyun Zero
For tech journalists and consumers eager to explore Nyun Zero, a demo is available on YouTube, and further inquiries can be directed to the founders via mail or company’s LinkedIn page.

With Nyun Zero, Nyun AI not only upholds its mission to make AI accessible, affordable, and fast but also sets a new benchmark in the AI industry for efficiency and performance optimization, ensuring that AI technologies are within reach for developers and businesses across the globe.

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