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Pluvia Industries Announces the Release of New Single “Manmarziyaan” Starring Aftab Shivdasani & Biri Santi on Zee Music

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Pluvia Industries is thrilled to announce the release of its latest musical masterpiece, “Manmarziyaan,” a soulful and enchanting single set to captivate audiences worldwide. Starring the charismatic Aftab Shivdasani and the talented Biri Santi, the music video promises a visual and auditory treat that will leave a lasting impression.

Manmarziyaan – A love song featuring Arunachal Pradesh

Directed by the visionary Akhil Abrol, “Manmarziyaan” brings together a stellar team of artists and musicians to create a symphony of emotions and melodies. The song features the mesmerizing voices of Aabhik Ghosh and Amrita Bharati, whose harmonious blend adds depth and passion to the track. The music composition, a collaborative effort by Rajkumar Sengupta and Aabhik Ghosh, beautifully complements the evocative lyrics and rich vocals.

Watch Manmarziyaan – Official Music Video:

“Manmarziyaan” explores the theme of love and longing, capturing the essence of heartfelt emotions through its lyrical beauty and captivating visuals. The music video, with its stunning cinematography and compelling narrative, is set to create waves in the music industry and among fans.

Aftab Shivdasani, known for his versatile acting skills, delivers a powerful performance that perfectly aligns with the songs emotive tone. Biri Santi, with her enchanting presence, adds a touch of elegance and grace to the video, making it a must-watch for music and film enthusiasts alike.

Director Akhil Abrol shares his excitement about the project, stating, “Working on Manmarziyaan has been an incredible journey. The collaboration between the artists, musicians, and production team has resulted in a piece of art that resonates with the heart. We are eager for the audience to experience the magic we have created.”

Produced by Pluvia Industries, “Manmarziyaan” is set to be released across all major music platforms and streaming services. Fans can also look forward to an engaging promotional campaign, including exclusive behind-the-scenes content and interviews with the cast and crew.

Written by Adhura,who is a contemporary lyricist known for his evocative writing style. “Manmarziyaan,” meaning “Desires of the Heart,” explores themes of love and longing. The lyrics capture deep emotions and introspection, making it a resonant and impactful piece.

Cinematography by Akash Dogra who is a skilled cinematographer renowned for his innovative and visually stunning work, making him a sought-after talent in contemporary.

Stay tuned for the release of “Manmarziyaan” on Zee Music and join us in celebrating this musical journey filled with love, passion, and unforgettable melodies.

About Pluvia Industries

Pluvia Industries is a leading production company known for its innovative approach to music and film. With a commitment to quality and creativity, Pluvia Industries continues to deliver exceptional content that resonates with audiences worldwide.


“Manmarziyaan,” the latest release from Pluvia Industries, is a captivating musical masterpiece set to enchant global audiences. Starring Aftab Shivdasani and Biri Santi and directed by Akhil Abrol, the music video promises a visual and auditory treat. Featuring vocals by Aabhik Ghosh and Amrita Bharati, with music composed by Rajkumar Sengupta and Aabhik Ghosh, the song explores themes of love and longing through evocative lyrics and rich melodies. Filmed in the picturesque hills of Arunachal Pradesh, the video showcases Aftab and Santis blossoming romance against a backdrop of vibrant festivals and scenic landscapes, culminating in a celebration of cultural heritage and profound connection. Directed with passion by Akhil Abrol, “Manmarziyaan” is poised to make waves with its emotive storytelling and stunning cinematography, promising an unforgettable experience for music and film enthusiasts alike.

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