Thursday, July 18, 2024

Postcard Travel Club Introduces an Interests-Based Search Engine for Conscious Travelers

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With a mission to simplify how travelers discover boutique properties and immersive experiences, Postcard Travel Club has launched its unique interests-based search engine on May 1, 2024. A feature for conscious travelers, it supports value-aligned individuals and in three simple steps connects them with a global community of boutique properties committed to advancing responsible travel. This ensures that travelers save time, stay inspired while researching, build direct connections, and focus on immersive experiences hassle-free.

Postcard Travel Club

“Postcard Travel Club is changing the way conscious travelers discover and book their next mindful adventure,” saysAmit Jaipuria, Founder and CEO. “Our new interest-based search engine empowers conscious travelers to effortlessly find boutique properties and immersive experiences tailored to their unique interests and values. By seamlessly connecting travelers to curated, value-aligned offerings, were positioning Postcard Search as a search engine for mindful travel and inspiration. Our mission is to make mindful travel more accessible and rewarding than ever before.”

Within the platform, Postcard Travel Clubs innovative digital postcards showcase experiences and properties in a new and easy-to-read short-form media format. Each digital postcard includes one or two interest tags, streamlining the search process by matching the experiences to traveler interests. These postcards can be collected and referenced easily, offering a more efficient and personalized way to plan travel than traditional search engines that need users to sift through SEO-driven articles.

Postcard Travel Club

Looking ahead, Postcard Travel Club plans to expand its offerings with map-based search, a rewards and loyalty program, and AI integration. This will help Postcard Travel Club serve as a change-maker in the mindful travel community. The brand also aims to bring together a community of like-minded conscious travelers through new media launches including ‘Postcards From The Field’ and immersive on-ground meet-ups and events such as ‘Postcard Travel Talks’.

About Postcard Travel Club

Founded in 2020 by Amit Jaipuria, Postcard Travel Club has been rapidly clocking growth by gaining 230+ properties globally in 33+ countries over the last 5 months in association with value-aligned affiliate brands. They are transforming the travel landscape with their mission of bringing together a global community of conscious travelers and helping them discover the world through mindful travel and storytelling. Based in Bangalore, the brand is poised to onboard 500+ partners in 50+ countries by the end of 2024.

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