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SGT University Forges Pioneering Partnerships to Propel Experiential Learning and Industry Collaboration

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SGT University has embarked on a series of strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations in diverse sectors to boost its academic strength, foster industry collaborations, and give students unmatched exposure to cutting-edge practices. These groundbreaking collaborations show the universitys commitment to delivering transformative learning experiences and nurturing industry-ready professionals.

SGT University Shaping Futures Through Innovative Partnerships and Global Collaboration

1. Partnership with Farelabs Pvt. Ltd. for Cutting-Edge Research and Training:

SGT University has joined forces with Farelabs Pvt. Ltd., a renowned food testing laboratory based in Gurugram. This partnership will open doors for good research, training, and job opportunities. They will be for students and faculty in fields like Medical/Health, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Food & Nutrition, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Agricultural Sciences. Students will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies. They will also learn best industry practices. This will enhance their ability to get hired.

2. Hydrogen Engine Testing Lab – A Beacon of Sustainable Energy Innovation:

It is a pioneering move toward sustainable energy. SGT University has partnered with CST Envirotech to build a state-of-the-art Hydrogen Engine Testing Lab on its campus. This cutting-edge facility will enable students and faculty to contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions and position the university as a beacon of innovation in the field.

3. Upskilling Faculty with Skills and Education Group, UK:

SGT Universitys partnership with the Skills and Education Group, UK, aims to uplift the expertise of its faculty across various disciplines while also curating innovative interdisciplinary courses. The university will use the groups vast expertise and resources. It seeks to enrich its academics with global perspectives.

4. Global Exposure through Partnership with German Varsity for Advanced Studies:

SGT University has an MoU with a prestigious German Varsity for Advanced Studies. It will give engineering students invaluable international project experience and exposure to cutting-edge practices in their fields. Through this collaboration, students will take part in international projects, gaining hands-on experience and cultivating a global mindset, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. This will enable them to tackle complex challenges in an evolving technological landscape.

Speaking about the collaborations, Dr. Joginder Yadav- Registrar SGT University, said, “Through these collaborations, were not merely providing access to state-of-the-art resources and experiences; we are crafting a crucible for innovation, critical thinking, and global competence. Our mission extends beyond traditional learning methods. We want to sculpt professionals who are not just prepared for the industry as it stands today but are also visionaries capable of shaping the future. Education has the power to transform the world and by bridging the gap between academia and the practical demands of the evolving professional world, we want to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

These partnerships exemplify SGT Universitys commitment to nurturing a globally competent workforce capable of driving innovation and progress. By leveraging the expertise and resources of esteemed organizations, the university is poised to redefine the boundaries of academic excellence, preparing its students to thrive in their respective, dynamic professional landscapes.

About SGT University

One of the best universities in India, SGT University in Gurugram, provides courses in eighteen faculties, including a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. It has the admirable goal of giving everyone in society access to higher education, as well as the vision of closing the skill gap and producing top-tier business professionals.

The National Reference Simulation Centre for Nursing & Medical Sciences, which was established in collaboration with Jhpiego, Laerdal Medical India, is located at SGT University, a leader in research and innovation. Additionally, the university is home to a multispecialty SGT Hospital with NABH and NABL accreditation. The hospital gives medical students real-world experience while also serving the local communities.

The university makes sure that community service is its top priority, and it takes pride in connecting its researchers with local companies that want to work together on research projects. SGT University is renowned for its contributions to environmental science, engineering, data science, medicine, and dentistry. It has also received numerous awards for its services to higher education, such as the “Diamond Rating” from QS I-GAUGE and the “Diamond Band” in the “Mental Health & Wellbeing” category from R World Institutional Ranking. Because of the universitys strong industry connections, cutting-edge labs have been established in partnership with well-known international organizations like Apple, IBM, SAP, Oracle, SMC India, UNESCO Bioethics, Laerdal-Jhpiego, and many others. By continuously turning out highly qualified and employable professionals, SGT University has made a name for itself in the academic community.

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