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Shaurya Mehta and Srishty Rode shine in the music video Dil Ye Dilbarro

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Singer, composer and songwriter Shaurya Mehta has once again captured the hearts of music lovers with his latest release, the soul-stirring music video titled Dil Ye Dilbarro. The duet song features the talented Srishty Rode and has heartwarming lyrics by Kaushal Kishore, with the female vocals rendered by the melodious Rupali Jagga and male vocals & music by Shaurya himself. Known for his versatility, Shaurya has yet again proven his mettle in the industry with this captivating composition.

Shaurya Mehta & Srishty Rode

Speaking about the song, Shaurya shared, “My new song Dil Ye Dilbarro has come out to be beautiful, and I myself listen to it on loop at times. I believe it will resonate with a lot of people. Also, Ladakh is a factor. I love the mountainous destination and the picturesque locales there including Pangong which was also the setting for the final sequence of 3 Idiots.” Speaking about the initial portion which starts off with him donning the Army uniform, Shaurya added “We initiated the song with the Indian Army portion as I’ve always felt our troops sacrifice everything for us including time with their loved ones and Ladakh is a constant reminder of that. It is my second song we have shot there.” More so, the music video seamlessly weaves together mesmerizing visuals with Shauryas enchanting melodies, creating a captivating cinematic experience. “It looks like Gerua,” a viewer described.


The songs lyrics, coupled with its soulful composition, evoke a myriad of emotions, striking a chord with listeners. Reflecting on his experience working with the talented ensemble, Shaurya remarked, “The song is a co-creation with all of them. A solid team is needed, especially when you are attempting a major project. Srishty is talented and brings out her best on camera. Rupali is a wonderful singer, and her voice & feel elevate the song. Kaushal Bhai is a close friend and a wizard with words. Aslam Khan, the Director is also a friend and creative with bringing out the best from the cast. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this song with each one of them.”

Innovative as ever, Shaurya has pushed the boundaries of creativity with Dil Ye Dilbarro, incorporating unique elements that set the song apart. “The song begins with lines inspired from Kashmiri poems and then flows into the Hindi language. I hope people will like that as its an under-experimented combo, and its upon artists to bring different languages, dialects & cultures to the forefront,”Shaurya shared. Additionally, the decision to embrace spatial sound with Dolby Atmos adds an immersive dimension to the auditory experience, enhancing the overall richness and depth of the music.

Despite the challenges faced during the shoot, including freezing temperatures and demanding terrain, Shauryas dedication and passion for his craft shone through. “During the shoot, I was carrying Srishty across different shots, and I probably ended up carrying her for a kilometre in total on stones & sand in a sloping terrain. Got tendonitis & and interstitial sprain after the shoot,” Shaurya laughingly reminisced. “All worth it after watching the video. No pain, no gain,” he added.

Looking ahead, Shaurya remains focused on his musical journey, with aspirations of expanding his repertoire to include singing for movies and OTT platforms. “I want to sing for movies, web shows, series and the OTT space. I have been misquoted before that I prefer one over the other, but I do want to see a Filmfare award in my hand some day,” he affirmed, reflecting on his long standing dream of achieving recognition in the film industry.

While Srishty Rode was heaping praises for Shaurya Mehta for making the work environment easy and comfortable, lyricist Kaushal Kishore acknowledged that Mehta gives complete creative liberty for bringing the best output. On the other hand, Rupali Jagga expressed her gratitude stating that she has never sung something like this despite being from a Kashmiri background. As the song resonates with listeners & viewers far and wide, Shauryas musical journey is sure to reach greater heights, leaving a mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts everywhere.

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