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Sheeva.AI Empowers In-Vehicle Services Marketplace for New Citroen Vehicles in India

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Sheeva.AI today announced in-vehicle payment technology through SheevaConnect™product suite for Citroen C3 Aircross SUV AT, the most budget-friendly automatic mid-sized SUV in India. The in-vehicle payments technology will allow the new Citroen C3 Aircross AT owners to pay for fuel at 32,000 fueling stations across India.

Sheeva.AI – In vehicle commerce and payments

We’re very excited to see our technology come to life for Citroen drivers in India,” says Evgeny Klochikhin, CEO and founder of Sheeva.AI. “We want to enable a simpler, more secure customer experience for in-vehicle services by using precise vehicle location to activate and authorize payments at the point of service.”

Klochikhin adds that other Sheeva.AI use cases, like parking and tolling, are coming soon for Citroen owners.

The first Sheeva.AI-enabled Citroen C3 Aircross SUV AT vehicles are now available in showrooms across India. Sheeva.AI’s innovative product suite is currently rolling out globally with over 2,000,000 service points – including fuel pumps, parking spaces, and EV chargers – mapped in the Sheeva.AI database.

Here’s how it works: A person drives up to a SheevaConnect-enabled petrol station. With Sheeva.AI technology seamlessly integrated, users can effortlessly complete transactions using their preferred UPI provider through the MyCitroen Connect mobile app.

Upon arrival, drivers are greeted by attendants who dispense fuel and swiftly scan the QR code on their point-of-sale terminal, granting permission to proceed. Following fueling, drivers can conveniently depart with a digital receipt securely processed through the MyCitroen Connect mobile apps interface.

About Sheeva.AI
Sheeva.AI’s in-car payments and commerce solution introduces vehicle location-based services to monetize the driver experience. Using a patented precise geolocation technology, drivers seamlessly pay for and receive services such as fueling, EV charging, parking, curbside pickup and drive-through via their car’s IVI screen. Their SheevaConnect™ product suite includes the patented SheevaLocate™, an embedded software that enables highly accurate vehicle location to within two meters; SheevaFence™, which enables proprietary geofencing/mapping of point-of-sale and service localization (e.g. down to an individual fuel dispenser, EV charging spot, or parking space); SheevaPay™, a cloud-based contactless payment platform; and SheevaServ™, a cloud-based platform to activate nearby services, e.g. a fuel pump, EV charging station, or parking session.

Founded in 2016, it is headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA, with key offices in Detroit, MI, New Delhi (India), Dresden (Germany) and strategic partner in Nagoya (Japan). Anish Agarwal has led the Sheeva India business since 2021 as the fully owned subsidiary Sheeva Connected India Pvt Ltd.

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