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‘Starwood Towers’ by Navin’s Conferred with CIDC Vishwakarma Award Alongside Green Initiative Certification

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Navin’s a leading name in the real estate sector, has been bestowed with the prestigious Vishwakarma Award for ‘Achievement in Construction Health, Safety & Environment’, also received the Certification of Merit for ‘Green Initiatives’. The accolade, presented by the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), recognizes Navin’s exceptional construction Safety, Health & Environment along with Green initiatives at one of its renowned projects, Navin’s Starwood Towers 3.0, located in Vengaivasal near Medavakkam.

Navin’s receiving CIDC Vishwakarma Award alongside Green Initiative Certification

At the 15th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2024, held on 3rd April, Navin’s was lauded for its unwavering commitment to safety, evidenced by the successful completion of Navin’s Starwood Towers 3.0 with an impressive milestone of 1 Million Safe Man Hours without any loss/injuries.

Expressing gratitude for the esteemed recognition, Mr. Navin, the Director, stated, “We are deeply honoured to receive the Vishwakarma Award from CIDC for our flagship project, Navin’s Starwood Towers 3.0. These accolades reaffirm our dedication to ensuring the safety of our workforce and the satisfaction of our customers.”

CIDC’s Vishwakarma Award is the commendation of initiatives and practices that prioritize health, safety, and environmental stewardship in construction endeavours. Projects and companies that exhibit outstanding performance across a spectrum of criteria, including compliance with regulations, impeccable safety records, comprehensive training, and robust safety management systems, are duly recognized. Navin’s is awarded for achieving the criteria for construction Safety, Health & Environment with dedicated manpower.

While originally applying solely for CIDC’s Construction Safety, Health & Environment Category, Navin’s comprehensive Green Initiatives at Navin’s Starwood Towers 3.0 caught the attention of the CIDC, leading to the bestowment of the Certificate of Merit for Green Initiatives. The company ensures a comprehensive range of measures to prioritize construction excellence, encompassing safety, health, and the environment for its valued workforce and continues to be the champion in Green initiatives.

Vishwakarma Awards for Construction Safety, Health & Environment is achieved for the following:

Navins Starwood phase 3.0 project proudly records a 12 lakh safe man hours without major injuries at work

Three levels of safety catcher nets and two layers of safety nets in MIVAN platforms for impeccable safety.

The company’s ethics won’t hire/engage employees below the age of 18 or above 55.

Yearly twice Mega Health Camps are initiated by CREDAI, BAI etc.

Monthly Health check-up meetings to maintain our employees’ health good

Every year Builders’ Association of India (BAI) sets up Medical Camp with renowned Apollo Doctors.

Maintains Good environment for the employees with proper Sewage sanitations and Well-maintained Toilets.

Mosquito free environment with twice a week proper mosquito repellent works.

Availability of Purified Potable Drinking water for the labour force.

Workers learning center on-site for awareness and safety consciousness.

Fully-equipped first aid center staffed with well-trained first aiders for prompt medical assistance in emergencies.

Safety inductions and screenings to familiarize our strict safety protocols.

Supervision and monitoring further reinforce to maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Along with its construction Safety, Health & Environment Navin’s Starwood Towers dedication to eco-conscious practices is evident and undergoes verification by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Notably, Navin’s claims an impressive 40% reduction in power consumption through the utilization of solar energy.

From the inception of a project, Navin’s prioritizes environmentally friendly practices and incorporation of green products, beginning with the sourcing of materials such as timbers, energy fixtures, paints, rainwater harvesting, solar installations, sewage treatment plant, etc. Up to 50% of water usage is saved through recycling efforts and green methods.

Navin’s has IGBC Pre-Certified Gold rating, with final certification currently underway, affirming their dedication to sustainability at every stage of development. Moreover, rigid measures are in place to minimize construction pollution. Proper disposal of construction residues via dust chutes ensures minimal environmental impact, while heavy vehicle-approved roads mitigate dust pollution, accompanied by frequent water sprinkling with recycled water to suppress dust effectively.

In essence, Navin’s adheres strictly to relevant statutory and contractual health, safety and environmental protection that pledges to continue prioritizing the well-being of all individuals involved in the projects and committed green initiatives practices throughout its operations, aiming to reduce its environmental footprint and promote sustainability. Navin’s demonstrates its dedication through responsible business practices, while striving always to set new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

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